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"One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time"

-Abhishek Tiwary


What would I do as a volunteer?

When accepted, being a virtual volunteer consists of participating in numerous projects such as the AM Covid-19 project, BLM Project, Neurological Psychology Research Project, etc. We provide numerous activities and opportunities frequently whether it is collaborating with other organizations, writing for our blog, being a tutor, creating learning resources, designing instagram posts, etc. The opportunities at Am4teens are endless!

Can I recieve volunteering hours with Am4teens?

You can receive volunteering hours at Am4teens! Please make sure you check in with your school to see if they will validate hours from Am4teens since we are an unregistered non-profit as we do not rely on donations and grants to function, thus we don't fit the status of being tax-exempt.

How do I know if I get accepted into Am4Teens?

If you are accepted as an Am4teens volunteer, you will receive an acceptance email within one week of submitting your application. If you don't receive this email, it means that unfortunately you did not meet our volunteer criteria. Please refrain from submitting more than two applications.